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I Hate to be in Front of the Camera

So, I just wanted to be honest and talk to you real quick about my openness in front of the camera.

This is something that I'm usually not super comfortable with.

I got my dog here, well, he was supporting me in this.

It's something that really is nerve wracking for me at times to get in front of the camera and talk with my audience.

But I've always told myself before starting this online coaching journey and working with people with such a strong passion that I have and kind of unleashing my knowledge out into the world and helping individuals in the area that I'm very knowledgeable and passionate.

I wanted to be as face to face with people as much as possible.

That means putting as much content out, there’s much credibility to my name, as possible being an online fitness coach because it's tough.

There are a lot of gimmicks and scams out there in the online world and I just want to be able to resonate with people on a personal level by connecting with them as much as possible and having that face to face connection.

Nothing beats that in-person connection with somebody and seeing eye to eye.

That's something that I want to work on.

Getting in front of the camera more and, for some reason, I know a lot of people feel this way but just getting in front of the camera is nerve wracking.

It's awkward in a way.

It feels weird.

It's not my natural state for me to do so.

So, this is kind of me making a pact to myself to get in front of the camera more and resonate with my audience and help people feel more comfortable with me and my process and what I'm all about and that I truly mean well.

I'm in this for the right reasons.

I want to help as many people as possible which is the whole reason.

The reason why I got into the online world in the first place is because with in-person training I can only help so many people on a daily basis and a weekly basis.

I could literally count how many people I could help throughout the day and throughout the week because I can only work hour by hour.

You can only train 10 or so people a day for training for an hour.

That would be a full ten hour work day.

That right there is already a lot of hours being put in.

By working online, I'm able to help a bigger abundance of people and spread more of my love and knowledge to people with something that I have a knowledge base.

I'd hope that anybody would want to share as much of their gift as possible with as much of the world as they can and that's just the statement I'm trying to make.

I really want to create and establish a close connection with everybody that I've come across with my online database.

This is me making a pact of myself once again that I'm going to get in front of a camera more and resonate with more of you guys and my following and just really try and put myself out there.

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