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Being True to Everyone else

Hey! Why is that guy not wearing a shirt? I know.

I was thinking the same thing, but no, really.

Everybody watch on their house with no shirts on, right?

I'm really wearing no shirt because I want to be upfront and honest today with who I am, and this is me.

Take a good look at all angles here.

This is me and the fitness roll is so construed these days with video editing and software, photos softening and filtering and all these things you can do to construe images online and people think this has become the norm, the reality, and it's false.

You have to accept the phases that your bodies going to go through based on what your goal is at the moment.

Here I am standing as a fitness coach, as a profession, and this is my body.

Whether you think this is in shape, this is out of shape, this is me, my daily life.

My primary goal is not fat loss or being shredded for the summer or a competition at the moment.

This is just my average body.

Some people think that people can live in an ideal state of being so ripped and shredded whether it's people posting images of themselves in the past online or just filtering those images to where they look better than they really do.

That is not the reality always.

There's a lot of fitness professionals out there that go through phases of the year to where they're not in their best shape.

I feel people almost get down on themselves because they're not always in their prime optimal shape.

You've got to accept that kind of the phases that your body is going to go through and the steps it takes to build up to that to achieve that ideal physical state.

I just wanted to be real with myself and everybody else and the fact that you're not always going to look or feel your best.

You've got to take the steps to put yourself in a position where you can achieve that.

It's like anything in life.

Baby step.

Walking up the stairs.

It takes a lot of skill and consistency and time to get to that point and that's the beauty about the body.

There's no shortcut.

You can't do it in a short amount of time.

It takes pure consistency and effort that's going to have to be put in.

That's why a lot of people don't look their best or look how they want to because they haven't taken the months, the years, the time to put into it to kind of get to that healthy state that they're satisfied with.

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