Tyler Kelly - Owner & Director

"I utilize only proven and scientific methods to provide a flexible and sustainable approach to ANY fitness goal."

Being a Competitor and Fitness Enthusiast myself, my passion grew heavily in continuing my education by acquiring my ISSA Fitness Specialist Certification, and exploring in my own research of studies and databases. I've grown into a sponge, continuing to learn as much information about the Fitness Industry as possible. Sharing my passion and knowledge with the rest of the world will be something I do for the rest of my life.

Since becoming a certified fitness professional, I have worked with countless individuals both in person and online that brings an indescribable bond between us along the journey. As fortunate as I am to do what I love, I always look forward to the next challenge for both myself and what value I can bring into this world. This is my Full-Time Job, and I put everything I have into each and every one of my clients to ensure the best result along with a life-changing experience. I have nothing to hide, as I have over 50+  client results photos and over 100+ testimonials. I am upfront with every one of my applicants and can honestly tell you if I feel I can not help you, I will be direct with it and not just try to sell you my services. With what I provide here on my site, I hope that this information does a good job of letting you know that I am a good coach that cares deeply about his work. I look forward to connecting with each and every one of my applicants on a personal level!

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